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Sunrise Learning's curriculum is based on the Canadian Achievement Test and has been tailored to align with the BC curriculum.
Each of our certified teachers bring a unique set of skills and an approach that combines to create a team that can support children with widely varying needs.
The owner has over 20 years experience as a teacher and has taught at the elementary, middle school, and secondary levels. She specializes in High School Science and Math.Her approach is individualized and always puts the needs of students first.


At Sunrise when parents make first contact they will need to choose a homework help based program or decide to have their children complete an Academic assessment. Academic assessments are usually done in the first two hours of tutoring at no extra cost. The assessment yields a detailed report of the child's areas of strength and may highlight opportunities for growth. Students who are on the Spectrum or members of a First Nation may be able to access Third Party Funding to cover all or a portion of their tutoring costs.
Please note that Sunrise Assessments do not diagnose learning disabilities, you will need to see a pediatrician or talk to your school to address those concerns.

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Why choose Sunrise over a private tutor?

Safe Neutral Location

All tutoring occurs at our two Dogwood locations  that are neutrally decorated, safe, and caring spaces.

Finding then filling knowledge and skill gaps

Academic assessments for both our Language Arts and Math Programs allow for a detailed analysis of gaps in students' fundamental skills. Private tutors can address today's struggle with a band aid cure while at Sunrise we find the root of the problem and fix it so that moving forward students don not find themselves struggling with the same material or concepts every year.

Written Reports

Parents receive detailed individual written reports every 12 hours of instructional time. Every 36 hours of instructional time students are reassessed and a report is sent home detailing the progress. After 36 hour testing student programs are revamped to continue to build skills and close the gap on being at Grade Level.

Flexible Staff to meet your needs

As your student learns and changes they may need a tutor with a different specialty or knowledge base. At Sunrise we can make these changes happen with as little anxiety as possible. Children take an active role in deciding who they need to work with and are active decision makers in the process which increase their engagement.


What will attending Sunrise be like?

Most students attend for one hour a week while some may attend for as many as 4 or even 6 hours per week.
Some students attend for months while others stay for longer periods of time.
The ratio of staff to student never exceeds 1 teacher to 2 students.
There is always(schedule permitting) the option to book 1 to 1 lessons at a slightly higher cost.
Students are often nervous when they first come in to the Centre and surprised by the warm friendly atmosphere.
They are also surprised to see that the age of our students ranges from 6- 56 at any given time. 
In a typical year we have over 100 families that use our services.
Sunrise has a reward system to motivate learners who have not had a great deal of success in the school system.
The rewards are attitude rather than achievement related which allows students to build their confidence and start to see themselves as smart and capable.



"My child has a smile when he arrives and has a smile when we pick him up!  He likes working with his tutor very much and she is doing an excellent job with him.  The extra tutoring is helping him at school and his confidence has improved.  We are very happy with the program."

~A. and T. Laderoute

"Our son is building back his self confidence. I see him trying to do more on his own."

~T. Lauder

"Our daughter loves Sunrise and is excited that she can now keep up with her peers in the classroom. We are thrilled that she sees herself as smart and capable"


"We appreciate the professionalism and flexibility of the Sunrise teachers. We will come back and refer others to Sunrise at every chance Thank you for your help."

~E. Gordon

“My daughter feels like learning is fun at Sunrise. She really enjoys working with her teacher because she is very nice, patient and funny. Her tutor is good at explaining how to do math questions."

~C. Paradis

Classmates in the Library

About Us

Top Quality Guidance

Sunrise Learning Centre has been helping students in the Campbell River area since 1999 and is locally owned and operated.

Laura Magowan is the owner operator and brings a wealth of experience from her career in the classroom as well as developing Sunrise Learning into a thriving local business. She is proud to be celebrating 20 years of teaching and brings a true passion to teaching students and developing their confidence and capability.

Client care is at the core of our approach.  We work with parents to take away the stress of homework help fueled meltdowns and send written reports every 12 hours of teaching time that keep parents informed in meaningful ways. We do not use rubrics and do our best to use clear understandable language.



250 Dogwood St, Campbell River, BC V9W 2X9, Canada


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